We often say and believe that most people would not change a thing if they get to relive the past because it is truly blessed to be given the opportunities to learn the lessons of life. The harder the lessons, the more benefits it ultimately bestows, if one focuses on its positive aspects. 
Through technological advancements we no longer rely on “rain dances” and we are better able to forecast weather from our scientific advancements, although we have a way to go with knowing when earthquakes will occur (but that day will come).
     Psychology, evolved originally from philosophy back in barely over a short century ago, has come a long long way, since my days in colleges, and since even only a dozen years ago when I re-entered graduate school social psychology research. I am amazed by the advancements as I have continued to mine the golden trove of knowledge treasures. As the rapid development of internet technology spreading like wildfire, so are the advancements of our knowledge through the increasing abundance of super intellectual research scientists, socially and physically. Personally, I find it a gold mine when you have access to the wonderful work of all these passionate and super-smart individuals from across all the elite and esteemed universities devoting their life towards advancing our pieces of knowledge when compared only a short century ago we know so much more. Just imagine if we compare to technology and existential know-how a few thousand years ago which traditional dogmas still dominate most of the world, especially in the lesser advanced societies, we are not only much wiser but also smarter. We don’t have to settle for simple solutions to complex questions. Advancements in science have empowered us to be more assertive in our self-beliefs and reliance because we can always learn and discover, instead of stuck with simple precepts that is no longer as effective, compared to its competition - new scientific and philosophical findings: It is an amazing trajectory our civilization is treading on - think of for many millions of years our population growth and technological advances crawled at a pace of snell as we evolved from very primitive mammals to present day modern human. The curve is now sharpening upward at an accelerating curve. Indeed human only gets smarter and smarter and another several thousand from now, our great-great-grandchildren (to the power 100 degrees) will look at us as not so bright compared to them, perhaps chuckling at some of our idiosyncrasies.  


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All About Modern Psychology

Most people assume that psychology is all about making an assumption, but instead, psychology tries to meet individual needs by using scientific reasoning to describe, explain, predict, and control behavior. Using logic is very important because there is a relationship between the parts of an idea and the whole idea. For example, if a ball has a force and energy been transferred in collisions, then I believe that the ball can transfer energy if the ball gets in a collision. At my workplace, there are a lot of committed individuals that are senior citizens. These groups show up every day and ready to work. However, the younger generations can be inconsistent at times. They usually call out from or do not show up to work. I agree that describing, explaining, predicting, and controlling the behavior and mental processes of others is vital in knowing the truth. Being able to describe an event with scientific reasoning proves one professionalism because psychology is science. There had been many times that good employees will come to me to explain how they have lost the motivation to work at the company.  Employees want to feel motivated because it helps them to find meaning in the things that they do. We may ask what please and displease people at work and what determines their level of motivation, which is to say that human hygiene factors do cover the employees' needs at work. In essence, poor working conditions, supervision levels, company policies, benefits, and job security will increase employees' motivation. Providing hygiene factors alone will not satisfy the employee's needs but instead, motivational factors. As Herzberg proposed that positive factors and "motivation factors which include providing human needs through reward achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition will boost employee motivation and performance (Herzberg, Mausner, & Snyderman, 2011).  My result and the previous prediction from other psychologists had a similar trend, which is a persistent abuse of supervisors has a dramatic effect on younger employees than senior citizens. Personality traits predict one's emotions, reaction, and their own experiences. I try to experiment with why younger generations are leaving the company without any notice. I try to reason with the company leaders after my research is done. As mechanism idealism suggests that the moral, logical, and esthetic ideals influence human behavior. (Glossop, 1970). People assume their lives are worthless when they engage in a controlling and abusive environment; they cannot change or control. Pavlov predicted that the new neutral stimulus, which is the bell when he rings, would become a conditioned stimulus if he presented it with food enough times. At my workplace, I can predict that those employees call out all the time, and those that have lost the interest of showing up early at work will abandon their job if employers fail to reach out to them and motivate them. 

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